Music, Lately, #3

1 Currents / Eisley 2 Dear Miss Lonelyhearts / Cold War Kids 3 Move in Spectrums / Au Revoir Simone 4 Pure Heroine / Lorde
Now, I seem to be posting about music more and more lately, and I suppose that is fitting. I've moved away from a few tried a true favorite albums which are usually on repeat on my computer, and instead have been loving some 2013 releases. Some of these musicians I've loved for a very long time like Eisley, Cold War Kids, and Au Revoir Simone. When it comes to Cold War Kids, I've also just realized they came out with the Tuxedos EP in September, and it is beautiful but I've mainly been listening to Dear Miss Lonelyhearts which is such an improvement to the album before. Move in Spectrums has surprised me as well. I'll still admit their previous albums have my heart far more than this new one, but it's catchy and fun and something different. Part of me does wish they went a bit back towards their dreamy roots.

Other bands included in this playlist, however, are some fairly recent finds like Typhoon and Laura Veirs which I've mentioned before, and now Lorde who is a pretty recent love. Yes, I'll say it, I'm with the crowd of fans on this one, I adore Lorde. I didn't necessarily love her at first, but her voice captivated me and I love her song "Team" far more than any of her others. Then there are of course the musicians I've not necessarily been with forever, but regardless am quite devoted to: Daughter and Gregory Alan Isakov. Their newest albums are growing on me slowly, especially The Weatherman. He reminds me of why I love folk and when folk leans into country how it can be magical. He makes me want to start listening to Jenny Lewis's Acid Tongue again. It is seriously one of the best alternative country, folk, acoustic, indie, whatever you want to call it albums I've ever listened to. I'll include a song in the playlist just so you can understand.

1 If You Leave / Daughter 2 Warp and Weft / Laura Veirs 3 White Lighter / Typhoon 4 The Weatherman / Gregory Alan Isakov

I've come up with a little playlist here of some of the songs I've been listening to on these musicians' 2013 album releases. Also, speaking of 2013 releases, can I just say I'm so excited for Arcade Fire's newest album Reflektor coming out at the end of October. Yes, you too should be excited.

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Any 2013 album releases you've been loving lately?



Howth 01
Hello, Howth.
My wonderful friend Soo and I decided to go to Howth last weekend, and it was beautiful. The sun was out and the autumn chill we had been getting had receded enough for us to even go without sweaters. After the bustle of Dublin, walking through the beautiful village of Howth and relaxing along the rocky shore was a welcome change. There is nothing like sea air to rid your mind of cumbersome thoughts.

Howth 02
We may go to Wicklow and perhaps also the Cliffs of Moher this weekend. Who knows.


Music, Lately, #2

Typhoon in all their glory link.
I mentioned recently how I was trying to step out of my music box and stop listening to the same musicians over and over again. Some time ago I posted about rediscovering a few old favorites and discovering some new ones as well. Today, I'd like to elaborate on one musician mentioned previously and uncover a new favorite all while making something quite official.

It's love. No, it really is. I'm not sure if you've listened to Typhoon's newest Album White Lighter, but it is beautiful and truly one of the best new albums I've listened to so far this year. It is just blowing me away. I can't say I can compare them to any musician I currently listen to so I feel as if this isn't particularly helpful, my description about their music that is. I read somewhere that they are a bit of a combination of Beirut and Arcade Fire. Now I don't think I'd go so far as saying that because Typhoon is quite unique, but I definitely understand where the comparison is coming from, and it is no surprise I love Typhoon because Arcade Fire and Beirut are among my all time favorite musicians. All I can say is please check out their music, you will not be disappointed.

Alongside Typhoon, Laura Veirs is slowly but steady finding her way into my favorites as of late. We all know I can't resist a good female vocalist, and Laura Veirs is exceptional. I've mainly been listening to one of her older albums called Year of Meteors, but her newer albums are wonderful as well. I'm not sure what took me so long to discover her. I feel as if she is the kind of musician I should have found out about years ago: whimsical and slightly sweet yet also sometimes depressing with that pleasant lilt to her voice you cannot help but fall in love with.

"In the beginning everyone bowed their heads toward the light. They would dance and eat their friends alive. They were not happy then. These were simpler times."

What have you been listening to lately?


Shakespeare and Company.

shakespeare and company 01
Doesn't that sight just fill you with all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings?
Exploring this little bookstore tucked away in Paris was perhaps one of my favorite things we did during the two days we were in France. The shop itself is only a little ways from Notre-Dame Cathedral. So if you are in the area and have a sincere love of books, I'd highly suggest taking a peak inside to explore their beautiful collection.

Is it strange to say that the children's books captivated me the most? I have a love for Enid Blyton books. Yes, I do mean those British boarding school stories about St. Clare's and Malory Towers. I don't believe they sell Enid Blyton books in the United States, but as a kid I discovered my mother's old collection of them and soon after devoured them one after the next. The store had a few of Enid Blyton's books in stock along with Rowling's Harry Potter series and a couple of books by Dodie Smith which I am itching to sink my teeth into. I've already seen the movie I Capture the Castle, but surely the book must be even better?

Whilst roaming the store I did end up making two purchases: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J K Rowling and A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin. The Harry Potter books is purely as a souvenir seeing as the fourth book is probably my favorite, and I picked up A Storm of Swords because it was secondhand and I'm nearly finished with A Clash of Kings. Seriously, if you haven't begun reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series, where have you been? It's good. Really good, especially if you love high fantasy like I do.

shakespeare and company 02
1 The shelves are just filled with stacks upon stacks of books. It was one of the best selections I have ever seen actually inside a bookstore 2 There were even secondhand books sitting outside soaking up the morning sun
What is your favorite bookstore you've been to? Is there anything you've been reading lately? Planning a trip to Paris any time soon?


First Week Abroad, reflections.

First Week Abroad
1 Walking by St Stephen's Green 2 My breakfast on the first day of classes 3 Way too many sweaters 4 Hanging out with my buddies at the Louvre 5 Buying secondhand books at the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris 6 Walking to the Architecture building
So it has been a week since I flew up to cold, rainy Ireland. In these past seven days I have traveled on the most number of airplanes in my life, walked through Paris, discovered my final studio project will be a short film, decided I brought way too many sweaters with me, realized wi-fi connections are precious, lived in a place that has no air conditioning, found myself wishing the architecture building was not a thirty minute walk, devoured more than half of George R R Martin's A Clash of Kings, become overwhelmed by my new surroundings, successfully pulled something in my lower back, and learned to live without blinds on my windows.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm still settling in, and traveling so much and all these plane rides have definitely killed my energy slightly because I ended up going to Paris over the weekend. Although things have been slightly stressful and like I mentioned earlier, I am so excited. My classes seem wonderful though I'm still waiting to be registered into an English course, and everyone is just really nice and helpful! The semester is off to a busy start and I suppose we'll just see what happens next.


PS. Don't worry, the windows have curtains.